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Bergamot Shiso Incense Cones - Alchemy Collection

$ 16.00

P.F. Candle

Commerce, CA

Alchemy Incense Cones are packaged in recyclable black paper tubes containing 30 cones, featuring gold metal lids that function as burners when inverted on a heat-resistant surface. Our wood-based incense cones are hand-dipped into fine fragrance oils at our Los Angeles factory.
- Each cone burns for approximately 20-25 minutes, elevating a space with scent in under an hour. Depending on room size, scent longevity lasts between 2-4 hours.
- Each tube measures 2.36" in width and 2.64" in height, and contains 30 incense cones.

- Top: Pink Pepper, Fresh Bergamot, Italian Mandarin

- Middle: Leather, Rich Amber Oud, Cypress, and Incense Smoke

- Base: Ebony Wood, Shiso Leaf, Virginia Cedar, Musk 

Item Number: 191-67

Item ID: 25577

Category: Incense


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