Knox History Project

Historic Knoxville: The Curious Visitor's Guide to Its Stories and Places

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Knoxville, TN

Jack Neely - Knoxville History Project


6" x 9"

A comprehensive and engaging guide for both visitors and residents, Historic Knoxville offers a wide-ranging guided tour to scores of places and institutions relevant to the city’s little know but endlessly fascinating history.

The guide encompasses the old brick buildings of Knoxville’s downtown core, historic neighborhoods and parks, and selected cemeteries and statuary–as well as a couple of suggested literary walks. Using the visitor-friendly maps, readers may explore the city’s historic landscape. Included are the expansive campus of the University of Tennessee, and Knoxville’s Civil War sites both obvious and obscure.

Visitor-friendly maps enable readers to explore Knoxville's other historic landscapes including notable parks, the expansive campus of the University of Tennessee, and Civil War sites, both obvious and obscure.

You will truly think of Knoxville in a different way after reading this guide book and gain new appreciation for the history and culture of the city.

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