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Dolly Parton Letterpress Print

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Hatch Show Print

Nashville, TN


"A bright blue throwback to a Dolly Parton performance in the 1970s, this historic reprint captures a time when the country music star struck out on her own to compose countless classics.

Dolly Parton's appearance is as iconic as her voice and songwriting skills, and in this instance, the poster features a photograph of her from the time period, printed in a bright blue. The strong, red Gothic Type shows that this isn't a performance you'd want to miss—this is Dolly Parton.

Originally printed in the era of "I Will Always Love You," "Love Is Like a Butterfly," and "The Seeker," all early hits for the amazing Dolly Parton, she had only recently severed her professional partnership with Porter Wagoner when she performed with her Family Traveling Band at a local park in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 1975. In fact, he played the very same venue, the night before, on November 1. 

Hatch Show Print has continued to print posters for Dolly Parton into the twenty-first century—but will always love this one."

Designer's Notes

  • Approximate Size: 13" x 21"
  • Actual size may vary
  • Restrike of a historic poster.
  • Letterpress print.
  • Printed on a Universal I, or Miehle 29.


  • Brand = Hatch Show Print
  • Size = 13.5 X 21

Item Number: 549-12

Item ID: 15432

Category: Prints


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