Gallery Wall 101

If you've stopped by our store, you know we love a great art print. Whether it's a mini print of flowers or a large print of meat, we know it can be hard finding the perfect place to display them. A great way to show off multiple prints is creating a gallery wall. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:


1. Choose a Theme

Before you start hanging up frames, decide on a theme for your gallery wall. Whether it's black and white photos, colorful artwork, or a mix of both, having a cohesive theme will tie everything together. We suggest having one or two focal pieces to build your vision around. 

2. Gather Your Frames

Collect a variety of frames in different sizes and styles. This will add visual interest to your gallery wall. The Rala team suggests even repurposing things like postcards for a variety of size. Camp Nevernice's postcards are little works of art! We love these magnetic frames that makes switching out prints simple while still having a unique look. You can mix and match frames for a more eclectic look or stick to a uniform style for a more polished finish. 

3. Plan Your Layout

Before you start hammering nails into the wall, lay out your frames on the floor to experiment with different arrangements. You can also use painters tape or poster putty to play around with the layout on the wall without having to commit to holes in the wall. Take a picture of your desired arrangement so you can reference it later if things get mixed up!

4. Hang with Precision

Use a level and measuring tape to ensure your frames are hung straight and evenly spaced. Start with the center frame and work your way outwards, adjusting as needed to create a balanced look. A good rule of thumb is to decorate in odd numbers. 

5. Add Personal Touches

Don't be afraid to mix in other elements like mirrors, clocks, or decorative objects to add depth and dimension to your gallery wall. We have some fun and colorful bandannas that would add a textured element. Get creative and make it your own!

6. Step Back and Admire

Once you're done, step back and admire your handiwork! Decorating your space with a gallery wall guarantees to show off your personal style and interests. If you feel like showing off your hard work, snap a picture of your gallery wall and tag us on Instagram @shoprala. 

If you ever need help curating a gallery wall, come into the store and we can help you pick out the perfect prints!