June First Friday w/Elijah Fredrick

June 1, 2018

Opening 6PM-9PM

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Join us for a First Friday show opening featuring art by Elijah Fredrick.
Eli was born in Kentucky, but raised in Knoxville. He attended UTK and graduated with a BFA in studio arts concentrating in painting and drawing.

"I was always conflicted about my drawing hand. Drawing felt awkward and foreign to me, never being able to fulling translate through my hand the ideas I had in my head; but, after years of exercising my hand in school, I came to understand that my work thrives in the weirdness."

Post school, Eli was searching for a new direction for his work, but maintained drawing daily in his sketch books. After talking with a friend about a silk drawing project from school, he decided to explore the idea of painting on items of clothing. He thought of it as a unique way of subverting the private-intimate nature of his sketchbook drawings.

"Sketchbooks are about intimacy. Clothing is about outward expression. I am interested in exploring the what happens when those worlds collide."