This Land Is Your Land - 100 Pieces

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Billerica, MA


State facts Included Puzzle: 27” x 18” Box: 13“ x 2" x 9” For ages 5 and up Winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Award eeBoo’s This Land Is Your Land 100 Piece Puzzle helps develop motor skills and spatial reasoning. Children learn about the key industries and wildlife associated with each state through visual icons, making it the perfect puzzle for pre-readers. Printed on 90% recycled greyboard. Dan Yaccarino (@danyaccarino) is the illustrator of our This Land is Your Land Puzzle. He is continually inspired by his current projects: “my favorite project is whatever project I’m working on at the moment. They’re all my favorite.” Dan also loves vintage toys, especially vintage robots, which is a passion he shares with our founder, Mia. 


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