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It Tastes Better Homemade Tea Towel

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow 

Making it yourself imbues your meal with love and attention—the secret ingredients!

Today, the useful and absorbant American floursack meets furoshiki—the Japanese art of using cloth to wrap and carry personal items. For gift-giving, for picnicking, for baking, for drying, even cleaning—there’s a hundred uses for a durable Floursack Furoshiki.

Handy and versatile, the ideal life of a Floursack Furoshiki starts as a gift! A common practice in Japan, wrapping gifts in reusable cloth is both beautiful and ecological in reducing waste. But some recipients may find this wrapping to be the best gift, as the Furoshiki becomes a handy kitchen flour sack perfect for the dishes, baking, clean up, and more.

100% natural cotton.

2-Color Screenprinted in Portland, Oregon on imported material.

Size: 28" x 28"