Erika Rier

Ceramic Cat Necklace - Forest Green

$ 38.00

Erika Rier

Portland, OR

- These kitties are equally at home adorning your wall as they are adorning you. These large, bold Ceramic Cat Statement Necklaces are each entirely handmade & handpainted by Erika Rier. They feature an happy cat with 22k gold tiger stripes.

- These ceramic necklaces are carefully made with a warm speckled stoneware and fired to cone 6.

- The pendants are about 3.25” wide and 3” tall. They are on a braided hemp cord made up of a mint green, olive green, and pink strands. Little tails of the cord peek out from behind the pendant like little tassels. The cords mostly measure between 11-12”.

- These are entirely handmade so there will be variations from necklace to necklace.


Item Number: 1004-19

Item ID: 25703

Category: Necklace


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