Surviving the Great Outdoors Book
Surviving the Great Outdoors Book
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Surviving the Great Outdoors Book

Workman Publishing

New York, NY


This easy introduction to outdoor life will ensure that even a novice won’t get lost in the woods while finding an activity they love to do in the great outdoors, whether it’s hiking or camping on ice. With 400 strategies, plus expert tips and tricks, Surviving the Great Outdoors makes nature easier to understand than ever before. From mountain climbing to skiing, sledding and sailing, Leonard shows that you don’t need to be a risk taker to enjoy the outdoors, while also sharing survival skills from how to bandage a wound and read a topographical map, to how to drive on sand and remove a tick from your skin. Everything is organized thematically and written in short takeaway entries with helpful line drawings. Surviving the Great Outdoors is a friendly way into the outdoor lifestyle, whether you're looking to dabble or go all in. Hardcover; 2019, Artisan.

- 320 pages
- Dimensions: 6.1”l x 0.9”w x 9.1”h


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